How it Works

Calgary’s #1 Maintenance Program

Don’t pay hundreds for a single fix, we’re the worry free option!

This unique plan for EDRA was created to give home owners affordable and reliable access to an efficient and dedicated team of professionals that you can trust.

You Pay a fixed and highly discounted monthly amount for a set number of hours that you can use whenever you need them, our team is on call for any emergency without the unexpected bills.

You can bank up to 12 months of hours for protection against unplanned repair situations and have free inspections to prevent them! Everything is tracked automatically so all you need to worry about is the monthly commitment.

We’re Here To Help

A full service team to handle your every need

For those that are planning renovations within the next year, our program will allow you to save thousands! Where else can you get professional Electrical and Plumbing at only $50 an hour?

Anytime you have extra hours and don’t want to bank them, you can get your house cleaned, fix a leaking tap, paint a room when it needs it, help out a family member, or even call someone in to remove the snow from your driveway. We’re here to help!

With a full service team to handle your every need, we are confident you will love our program so much you will want to tell all of your friends! But hurry! It is limited edition, we only have so many monthly hours available!


Worry Free Maintenance

We’re the best all in one property maintenance solution for your home.


24 Hour Service

We’re always on call ready to help any of our members, anytime of day.


Simple Pricing

Our simple, and flexible pricing models ensure every homeowner finds a comfortable price point.


One Call for Renovations

We can be your first call to handle your larger renovation projects too.


Edra Plumbing & Renovations LTD

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